Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

The Indian seers had excellent knowledge of the energy of the cosmos. The concept of Panch mahabhutas prove that they believed that human body is the micro unit of the cosmos. They had deep knowledge how to utilize the cosmic energy for the growth, development, peace and prosperity of human beings. Vaastu, the ancient science of Indian architecture is the best example of their knowledge and efforts to make mankind happy.

Important rules of Vastu

Shape :The shape of the plot is very important to maintain and utilize the energy pattern. Square and rectangular plots are suggested for a good Vaastu planning. Extension and curtailments of the corners may lead to unnecessary troubles in life. Extension of only north east corner is considered auspicious but it also has some exceptions.

Every direction and corner has a specific energy. North east has spiritual and religious energy so an extension in north east enhances the positive energy in life. South west being ruled by Rahu has negative energy of conspiracy so an extension in this corner brings conspiracy in one’s life ultimately leading to legal complications. A perfect shape of the plot can save many negative aspects.

Entry gate:
One of the most important and powerful aspect of Vaastu is to decide the auspicious entry gate. In a Vaastu pad vinyaas (can be understood as site planning) 32 deities are on the periphery. According to the Vaastu rules, each direction has 2-3 auspicious entry gates. (Exceptionally south has only one auspicious gate) Selection of an auspicious entry gate ensures stability, success, growth, peace and prosperity. An inauspicious entry gate may lead to a vicious circle of disease, loss, conspiracy and sorrow. The auspicious entry gate in north are on the padas of deities of Som, Mukhya and Bhallat, in east on Indra and Jayant, in south on Grihakshat and in west on Varun and Pushpadant. Entry gate on any other pada may lead to unending problems. Selection of the right gate should be got done by a learned and experienced Vaastu consultant.

In Vaastu underground water reservoir is very important. A water body at the right place can pave path for prosperity but at the wrong place it may bring diseases and unending problems. According to Vaastu rules underground water in north, north east and west is auspicious. It is not auspicious in any other corner or direction.

According to a mythological story Lord Krishna assigned the job of construction of palace of Pandavas to Mayasur, the architect of demons. He knew that the palace will ultimately go the Kauravs. He instructed Mayasur to keep a water body in the center of the palace. The palace went to the kauravs and lead to the destruction of the entire clan. Water in the center makes the land ‘Naag prishta,’ the fate of which is complete destruction.

Selection of the right place for water body demands lot of expertise, precaution and technical abilities.

Equilibrium of construction:

According to the Vaastu rules the north, north east and east should have lighter construction as compared to south, south west and west. Violation of these rules brings problems in life. Heavy construction in the north, north east and east brings series of problems in life as the nature of plot becomes Daitya Prishta. It should always be taken care that final construction ends in south to west zone.


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